Dancing Girls is a single by Nik Kershaw from the album Human Racing.


  • 7’’ (NIK 3)[1]
    • Dancing Girls
    • She Cries
  • PIC-7" (NIKP 3)[1]
    • Dancing Girls
    • She Cries
  • 12’’ (NIKT 3)[2]
    • Dancing Girls Extended 12’’ Remix
    • Drum Talk [Special Extended Version]
    • She Cries
  • 12" (NIKT 3)[1]
    • Dancing Girls (Special Hi-energy Remix)
    • Drum Talk (Special Hi-energy Remix)
    • She Cries


Nik Kershaw explained to Number One magazine:

Quote1"Dancing Girls" is about a bloke a bit down on his luck. He's got a job and everything but he's bored sick with the routine of getting up, going to work, coming home, watching the telly, going to bed ... in the end he's saying, "For God's sake, bring on the dancing girls! Let something exciting happen to me for a change." But again the idea was exaggerated.Quote2
Nik Kershaw[3]


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